Live Q & A’s

Live Q & A’s are a great way to learn about Carmelita Gardens, see the grounds, and ask our team questions.

These sessions will have a 20-25 minute tour and will cover and highlight the entire community. We will also go live in Carmelita Gardens with Tim. At that point, we will open up our live Q & A with the founder, Phil Hahn, and other members of the team.

When inquiring about attending a session, please come prepared with some things you’d like to know about our beautiful community.

Cottage, Carmelita Gardens, Belize

Discovery Tours

Planning a trip to see us? Ready to see your new lot? Discovery Tours are a fun and informative way to see the best of Carmelita Gardens.

These small group tours include accommodations, meals, and transportation to/from Belize City along with plenty of highlights and information about the beautiful Cayo District.

See Tour Highlights & Pricing* Below

*All pricing and discounts are subject to change without notice.


Property Tours

Property Tours are designed for the adventurer who has planned their own Belize itinerary and wants to see Carmelita Gardens during their travels. 

Carmelita Gardens is located halfway (7 miles) between two of the most prominent towns in Belize – San Ignacio to the west and Spanish Lookout to the east. 

Upon arriving in Carmelita Gardens, you will be greeted by your Property Tour Guide who will show you around the entire community during your 30-45 minute tour.

Our Customer Experience Team is always eager to assist you with your tour

planning and property selection. Click here to contact a representative.


Introductory Special 20% Discount

SNGL $1100/$880

DBL $1800/$1440


Lodging, Transportation, and Meals

Visits to Local Towns and Attractions

Spanish Lookout – Mennonite Town

San Ignacio – Hub of the West

Farmer’s Market & Shopping

Maya Ruins and Ice Cream

Carmelita Gardens Tour & Socializing


NOVEMBER 18-21, 2021


“Home is where the heart is” and our homes are in the Heartland of Belize. Located in the beautiful Belize River Valley only seven miles from San Ignacio and Spanish Lookout, Carmelita Gardens is an ideal place to get away from the rat race and still be close to towns, businesses, and attractions.

Renting in Carmelita Gardens gives you a safe, friendly, and off-grid home base to explore western Belize and experience life in our new, self-sufficient, and growing community. Your rental home will be elegant and comfortable with solar power and rainwater systems. You’ll enjoy the company of welcoming neighbors and fresh organic produce from our gardens.

Whether you are renting for a tropical vacation or renting as a new resident in Carmelita Gardens you’ll find many enjoyable things to do for a vacation or as a lifestyle and you’ll feel right at home.



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