Top 6 Reasons Belize is YOUR Best Escape in 2022

The craziness we see unfolding everyday when we turn on the TV is causing anxiety to me and so many others.

Shipping lines clogged, supply lines broken, food prices skyrocketing, the very process of our elections called into question. We even have protests on the streets. 

Where will this chaos end?

With partisan pundits spewing ideology on every station, its hard to know what is true or not, or if anything on the news is true anymore.

But what can you do? 

Fight it? 

Fight who? 

Fight everybody? 

Do you go out and join the rabble on the street?

And what would that achieve?

There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to escape the chaos.

Or is there…?

Actually…. there is.

There really is.

The escape I’m talking about is not a desperate option, no last-ditch escape where lives are ruined in the upheaval of trying to survive.

This retreat from chaotic times is actually quite wonderful, and more than a little bit exciting.

It’s an escape to somewhere beautiful where you can leave all the media and madness behind.

It’s a near perfect option of moving to a secret paradise where you can live your best life while the world decides what direction it will go… whether it slides into chaos or finally sees the light.

This option is adventurous, the possibilities exciting, and the lifestyle is heavenly.

Your secret solution is to ride out these uncertain times in the beautiful and little-known … Belize.

So, what makes Belize the worlds best escape from Chaos?

There are many many reasons, but today I’ll only give but a few…

1. No Political Madness

Guess what?
The people in Belize don’t care if you’re left or right, red or blue, black or white.
Belize leaves you alone to make your own decisions and to live your own life.
Don’t get me wrong…. Belizeans are passionate about their elections and come out in a little good spirited madness of their own when their own elections come around…but they don’t care one jot about the politics of the world outside.

2. Perpetual Tropical Summer:

Belize enjoys a balmy sub-tropical climate which means loads of Caribbean sunshine, and no snow…ever.
Of course there is a “rainy season” in Belize but heavy rains generally pass quickly and are followed by clear blue skies that make you forget the last squall within minutes.
The rain itself is usually warmer than the “hot” showers I had to take as a kid back home in Ireland.

3. Don’t want to conform? Ok!

Belize is a nation of non-conformists. Founded by pirates centuries ago, Belize has kept her rebel spirit alive.
The locals and expats alike generally accept you for who you are, and if you don’t try and force your ideology on them, they won’t try to dictate what you do.
I mean it, you can ride your donkey to the grocery store, dress as outrageously as you want, believe what you want, and say what you want about the outside world, and the locals will treat you with a smile.
Just don’t bring western politics and ideology and try to force it onto the locals.
Live and let live is the Belize way.
Belize has safe, secure, independent communities of like minded, freedom loving folks.
There are sustainable and intentional communities like Carmelita Gardens in the lush Belize River Valley where independent minded folks have escaped the madness of the western world and now live in harmony with themselves and nature.
At Carmelita Gardens your views are your own. 
Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs, but no one takes offense.
Your political, medical, and religious opinions are respected and acceptable to everyone. 

Being 100% off grid, residents of Carmelita Gardens will weather any storm with their own power and water and with a strong community spirit of helping each other.
With 98 + acres of fertile green land, Carmelita Gardens is a fully off grid, sustainable community. Find out more about the world’s best little escape hatch to sanity through the Testimonials page or contact us for more information. 

4. Natural Beauty

Belize is a country of stunning natural beauty. From turquoise Caribbean waters on the coast to vibrant, verdant green jungles in the west, Belize has it all. 
My favorite place to live in Belize is Cayo, away from the crowds of tourists and where self-reliant living is most practical and easily achieved. 
Mayan Ruins, unspoilt waterfalls, and a spiritual connection with mother nature you never guessed possible awaits you here…
Lonely Planet once again voted Belize a top 10 must see destination for 2022. 
The flora and fauna of the Cayo district are something you will never forget.

5. Low population, No crowds

Another reason you won’t have problems with the mob in Belize? 
There are no mobs. And there has never been political unrest in her 40 year history as a nation.
With just over 406,000 people in a country the size of Massachusetts, Belize is extremely underpopulated.
In fact, Belize has nearly 20x less population density than Massachusetts. 
If the SHTF here is plenty of land and space for everyone.

6. Supply Shortages Worldwide? No shortages of sustainability options in Belize

There’s a 3 month backlog in world shipping, and supply shortages across the globe not seen since World War II.
There are fuel shortages in the UK, food shortages in Asia, and building material shortages in the US. 
Belize is a net food and lumber exporter, and still produces a large amount of its own fuel requirements.
Belizeans have a long history of living off the land. During the Covid shut downs Belizeans went back to hunting and foraging to supply their needs. 
They didn’t need to loot or steal even though many lost their jobs and had no savings. Nature’s abundance provided. 

Self Sufficiency Mecca: 
With ample sunshine and plenty of rain, you can live an off grid, self-sufficient lifestyle easily anywhere in Belize, but nowhere as easily as in Cayo.
The folks at Carmelita Gardens have been perfecting their off grid packages for a decade now, and they have it refined perfectly. 
They know how much rainwater storage capacity you need, how much solar capacity is required and have maintenance crews on call. Carmelita Gardens even has its own food garden, and local master gardeners on staff to show you how to grow your own food if you want.