The Dream and Path


As the owner of the Self-Reliance Expo and Founder of the National Self-Reliance Project, I was immediately attracted to Carmelita Gardens because of its off-grid, self-reliant lifestyle, designed with the heart, and propelled by the passion, of Town Founder, Developer, and PLACE-maker, Phil Hahn.

With a successful background in real estate development, I escaped the industry after it took me down during the 2008 mortgage crisis. Never thinking I would return to real estate, I was blessed to meet Phil at a tiny house festival. He later became an exhibitor at my expo and I quickly became a forever fan of his community.

Almost three years later, as the Carmelita Gardens Sales & Marketing Director, I am blessed with the opportunity to work with Phil, resurrecting my passion for real estate development. At first I approached this project as any other real estate development opportunity but after spending time at Carmelita Gardens, I realize that this simply isn’t another real estate development…it’s a LIFESTYLE and it’s the people – the COMMUNITY – that simply renders me speechless and must be experienced.

The graceful end of another day in paradise…

Can you hear the symphony of cicadas, howler monkeys, and the songs of the jungle and nature at its finest? 

Can you feel the connection from the passing conversations with your neighbors during your evening walk while taking in the beautiful sunset and cool tropical breezes of a day tucking itself into its evening rest?

It is that which can only be experienced in person! 

We will continue to market this community with slick, well-edited videos and exciting promotions but let’s not forget that beyond our cutting-edge marketing strategy, lies a community that must be experienced – as it’s simply impossible to describe.  Consequently, we will become better storytellers, sharing stories of our neighbors and friends, in hopes of spreading some of the magic of this community, as personal experience always outweighs words!

At a time where the world can seem upside down, things don’t make sense, division is the theme, and the propaganda machines are hard at work, I would encourage you to come and see for yourself and decide if this could be your escape, your ‘PEACE’ of paradise, your community, and your home.

This lifestyle is not for everyone but with only 222 lots, of which more than half are sold, we know that there are more than enough folks who also want to make a change, are ready for a simpler and more beautiful life, who want to become a part of a strong community where we are friends, we laugh, we support each other, and we break bread at the table.  Belize is only a 3.5 hour direct flight into Houston with several other direct routes throughout N America.  It’s an English speaking country and has some of the nicest people you will ever experience. We invite you and your family to visit us!!!

With strong internet, the ability to find most anything you need and want to enjoy a life of comfort and convenience, and a low-cost of living, this off-grid lifestyle is not meant to be done alone or with a great deal of sacrifice, it is meant to be enjoyed and a place where you can be authentic, thrive, and create amazing new experiences.

Hope to see you soon on this side of paradise!!!!  Peace!

Quick Conversation with Kiki…

How long have you been part of the Carmelita Gardens team?
– Since August 2020

Favorite part of your job?
– First off, this does not feel like a job…I love what I do. The #1 reason for that is the PEOPLE I am blessed to work with everyday…from the team members, to the residents & owners, to the clients…I am in heaven!!!

Where do you call home?
– Castle Rock, CO at the moment but I am from Houston, TX and have lived in New York, Germany, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. Next stop…Carmelita Gardens!

What inspires you?
– I have many things that inspire me but what I see every day when I walk into my office is one of my favorite Bible verses from Proverbs 31:25, “She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.” In fact, the entire chapter of Proverbs 31 rocks me. That’s who I aspire to be and what gets me out of bed every day.