Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.
Henry Ward Beecher

Carmelita Gardens has most certainly taken hold of heaven with the arrival of our first families. The Sonnards, a family of 10 from Ontario Canada, with 8 children ages 10 months to 14 years, and the Wentworth/Kestel Family, a family of 5 from Washington State, with three children ages 6 to 11 years, were the guests of honor at our First Families Celebration. 

The vision has always been to become a multigenerational community and with the arrival of these first two families, and now the McGibney family of 5 from the United Kingdom, and several more families on the way, the energy at Carmelita Gardens has never been better, more creative, more exciting, and never has it felt more like HOME!

There is much to consider when relocating school age children and these families are successfully navigating those challenges. These include education and home schooling, integration with Belizean children and other expat children, and an all-round adjustment to a new culture, new climate, and a new lifestyle. As we know, children are resilient and these children are teaching the adults what it means to embrace life and new adventure. The gift that these parents are giving to their children is invaluable.

Studies have shown the following to be just a few of the benefits of living abroad for children:

  • Children become more self-confident, open-minded, and resourceful
  • Encourages and teaches responsibility
  • Ignites a child’s sense of curiosity, imagination, and sense of adventure
  • Expat children often become bi- or multi-lingual
  • Allows children a greater sense of the world

…and so much more!

These families and their children are our future and here at Carmelita Gardens our future is brighter than ever!

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