The Dream and Path


Every New Year is filled with dreams of a better and brighter future. This year is no different; however, it is easy to imagine that new dreams and resolutions are at a record level in 2021. Those inspired ambitions sound great, yet all too often New Year’s goals are short-lived as the prospect of change seems more daunting than accepting the existing reality. By many accounts, that dynamic has been flipped. Clearly the indelible lesson from 2020 is a universal understanding of the old axiom, “change is inevitable”. Sadly, many of those changes were unforeseen, unfavorable, and imposed; predictably, there is no greater motivator than those factors to push resilient and self-sufficient freedom-lovers into action. As a result, droves of new expats have embraced positive change, taken tangible control of their lives, and are now realizing their dreams. The brilliant architect, Buckminster Fuller, presciently advised:


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

Fuller’s advice, and a longing for a simple self-sufficient life, gave impetus to building, “a new model”, Carmelita Gardens – a model for a New Village in the Caribbean akin to the peaceful agrarian hamlets of a bygone era. That vision is now a reality, thanks to the many good people who share a common dream and have created a safe and resilient community. They are the authentic Founders of Carmelita Gardens, who absolutely love welcoming new Founders and helping them make their dreams come true. They cherish and respect the spirit of individualism and embrace our motto, “Independent Together”.


Tangible Control in Action


As last year unfolded, our ambitious growth plan, The Carmelita Gardens 2020 Vision, resonated with freedom-seekers and is now being displayed in high resolution in the form of new home construction and new residents. As the vision was coming into a “high resolution” focus, many people were thinking of a different resolution, the kind typically reserved for New Year’s Day. However, they did not wait for the calendar to guide them, they made plans and acted immediately. As Mark Twain wisely observed:


“Actions speak louder than words, but not nearly as often.”  


Throughout 2020 we had countless conversations and email exchanges with people who resolved to take tangible control of their lives. The number is consistently increasing, and we are growing faster than ever before. It has been such a pleasure getting to know so many good salt-of-the-earth folks who are actively pursuing their dreams. They Contact Us, take Virtual Tours, select their Home Sites, design/select Home Designs, and see their resolution become a reality. Some folks come for a visit on a Discovery Tour and others make their decision through Virtual Tours, Emails, and Phone/Video calls.


Steve and Jen are among the forward-thinking folks who made a timely decision and acted on it. They made the decision to purchase a property specifically suited to their lifestyle, which includes their home and a hobby bicycle repair shop. After securing their lot, Steve took the initiative to design their home. He did a great job of developing a Floor Plan and Exterior Elevations. He presented the drawings to Phil, our Developer / Designer, and after a few meetings, Steve created a custom design for their dream home.


Design to Construction


After the design stage Steve and Jen met with Chris, the Construction Manager, who worked with them to make selections, specifications, and a budget for their home. Then Chris managed the drafting of construction drawings, secured the building permit, developed a construction schedule, and mobilized the construction crew. Now their home is well under way and is professionally managed by Chris and his company, Sunshine Property Management. Chris and his wife Diana are Carmelita Gardens Founders who own property and own and operate their business onsite. They have a passion and a vested interest in the success of Carmelita Gardens. It creates a sincere and constructive bond between them and fellow property owners – Chris is committed to building quality homes for owners and future generations to enjoy.


Building a Future Together


Building a community and building homes is first and foremost about the people. Chris clearly understands and has a construction crew that is arguably the best in all of Belize. His Foreman, Gerson, has been involved in every building in Carmelita Gardens and always takes great pride in the workmanship and timeliness of his crew. The crew has been together for many years; in fact, they are mostly family and friends who work beautifully together. They have built most of the houses in Carmelita Gardens, so their experience is second to none. Chris and his crew have numerous houses lined up to build this year and genuinely enjoy working with each new owner as they turn dreams into the reality of a home, a tangible asset, and a legacy. As more and more people discover Carmelita Gardens, our available lots decrease, and our building queue increases. If your dreams and resolutions for a better and brighter future include Carmelita Gardens, your timing is great, and we would love to hear from you. From making a resolution to the realization of a dream, we want your journey to be a great experience. It is a move that many have made, so you are not alone. Wherever you are on that path, the Carmelita Gardens community is here to help, and you can rest assure, that other owners and the onsite team will be there to lend support, share the joy, and welcome you to your new home.