Carmelita Gardens is growing as a complete, connected, and walkable community.
To achieve that vision, it is vitally important to establish a vibrant Town Square
with popular, well-managed, and solvent businesses.

Business in Belize

One of the most attractive and charming aspects of life in Belize is the “Mom and Pop” businesses – there are no big box stores or franchises in the country.

In keeping with that spirit of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME), Carmelita Gardens is seeking resident entrepreneurs interested in establishing businesses in our Town Square.

The plan for these businesses goes beyond the initial creation. We are developing an integrated strategy that connects our Merchants with our Carmelita Gardens residents, Belizean community, and International network.

Growing Organically

Our population is growing, the local demand is rising, and international interest is flourishing, which means the entrepreneurial opportunities are increasing accordingly.

There are certain quintessential businesses in Town Squares worldwide, such as the Bakery, the General Store, the Salon – if you read that as Saloon, well that’s another example.

In Carmelita Gardens, which is an Off-Grid Self-Sufficient Community, there are additional business opportunities, like an Organic Gardening Center, Business Hub, Tool Rental/DIY Store, and other enterprises that cater to the needs of a community and country that likes to be “Independent Together”.

Limited Opportunities

However, we only have room for one of each of these businesses in Carmelita Gardens, so the opportunities are limited.

If you are an entrepreneur with experience and vision and are ready to invest in a vital and fundamental part of building a legacy in Belize please contact our Town Founder, Phil Hahn at