Why You Should Consider Belize

February 2022

In a time of uncertainty and unexpected hardships, it is important to continue to look to the future and focus on realizing our own “extraordinary destiny”. For so many…


December 2021

Shipping lines clogged, supply lines broken, food prices skyrocketing, the very process of our elections called into question. We even have protests on the streets.  …


November 2021

When I think about my 14 years in Belize I know my time in Santa Familia Village was by far the best. 
A short drive or simple hop across the walking bridge to…


August 2021

The vision has always been to become a multigenerational community and with the arrival of these first two families, and now the McGibney family of 5 from the United Kingdom, and several more…


July 2021

For me, the best part of retirement was the chance to put that unnatural New York City lifestyle behind me. But it took ten years of hard work to accomplish after a financial setback and to get the necessary information for such a move…


June 2021

We are freedom loving and self-reliant. We cherish our homes and gardens, enjoy hobbies and pastimes, engage in occupations and avocations, and appreciate our rest and relaxation.


Febuary 2021

We recently returned to Arizona from a wonderful trip to Belize, visiting our friends and soon-to-be neighbors at Carmelita Gardens….


January 2021

The brilliant architect, Buckminster Fuller, presciently advised: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”…


December 2020

It’s in the most challenging of situations that you find the greatest of blessings.  That was no different this year, when once again we were reminded that the heart of Carmelita Gardens is found in the people and the community.