“What are your lot prices and sizes?”

Carmelita Gardens has a variety of lots designed to meet various individual lifestyles and budgets. We believe this to be an essential part of creating a sustainable and self-sufficient community.

In keeping with that philosophy, the lots and neighborhoods radiate from a Town Square and are surrounded by lush greenways and natural riverfront. All neighborhoods are connected by the greenways and pedestrian easements as well as our network of roads. The greenways, roads, and riverfront help shape the lots, the neighborhoods, and our pleasant walkable community.

The three lot types, Garden, Village, and Estate are available on Greenways (“Green”)
and Riverfront (“River”) and range in price depending upon size and location.

Inspired by charming small towns that have stood the test of time the neighborhoods near the Town Square include smaller Garden Lots, the ones near the entrance and the riverfront have larger Estate Lots, and the Village Lot neighborhoods are in between. We also have a Garden Lot neighborhood, The River Garden, on our peninsula.

The different sizes, shapes, and prices allow owners to design their home, plan their estate, and live a life that suits their lifestyle and budget. All of this is done using modern off-grid equipment, so owners have the freedom to choose anything from the basic creature comforts to the lap of luxury. In Carmelita Gardens we combine new technologies, organic gardening, and classical design into a cohesive community of independent homes. It is one of the reasons our town motto is “Independent Together”.

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