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Not all those who wander are lost.


We love hosting guests from all over the world and sharing our way of sustainable, community living in Belize. Whether you’re a potential resident visiting us for the first time, a temporary guest seeking a peaceful retreat, or an adventurous traveler exploring the wonders of Belize – we are always eager to invite new friends into our community. For more information on rental availability, contact our Property Manager.

Learn & Work

Are you a student looking for an exciting internship abroad? Are you a world traveler looking to temporarily live & work in Belize? Carmelita Gardens is always looking for people who are eager to gain hands-on experience in agricultural, development, guest service and creative areas. Contact us for more information on joining the community!

Creative Partnerships

A core value of Carmelita Gardens is creativity and collaboration. We are always open to new ideas, new people, and new adventures! Want to do an art installation? Put on a play? Host a retreat? Start a coffee shop? We want to hear your simply amazing ideas. Contact us for more information.

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